Where do we start?

Where do We Start?

It doesn’t have to be a marathon…


Everything talks to everything

Most IT Infrastructures can easily look like this!

If every IP conversation, port and protocol is mapped, we will find that any given server could talk to just about anything or everything else in the infrastructure. DNS, LDAP, virus scanners, the backup server, user workstations, and so on. How can we quickly filter out the items that do not make up the core of the workload and then easily decide on where to break the infrastructure into reasonable transition/move bundles that make sense?

Natural Groupings

Sandpiper has found that a visual examination of workloads will commonly break into natural groupings that lend themselves to the start of a transition bundle. Further refinement of these visuals will be required to analyze ports and other migration/transition components.



Transition projects can easily span 12-36 months in duration. Your business does not stop during this timeframe. Your IT infrastructure is a moving target. Current, verified metrics available at your fingertips at any time is crucial to making informed decisions on what will move, when, where and how. Some products attempt to perform ‘discovery’ of various IT metrics, but they generally focus only on specific operational items or the type of the infrastructure, such as network or storage. There is no comprehensive solution that was built to fully support an IT transition, and all of the related issues, considerations and decisions that must be addressed as the project progresses, from the ground up.

Visual Transition Modeling & Controls

Until now…. VAiLPLEX is the first solution that provides all of the automated, programmatic discovery required, ingests it into a central repository (sure, other products do this as well, but this is only a small part of the requirement), that can then be dynamically melded with information on the business, workloads and processes needed to completely define and control a transition project, with interactive visual analysis, design, modeling, validation and other controls needed to execute the project without risk to the business (this is the real key to success).

VAiLPLEX goes well beyond what other ‘application inter-relationship’ mapping solutions or ‘dashboards’ can provide. Sure, understanding application workloads, inter-relationships, dependencies, or simply if your project is on target or running behind schedule, is critical for any IT executive to understand. But mapping applications and programmatically scheduling transition tasks is just a very small part of what VAiLPLEX does.


Full Enterprise Support

VAiLPLEX provides full support for all IT components, platforms, hardware & software. Issues specific to only Open Systems or Mainframe platforms can be viewed either as part of the overall plan, or can be filtered for a more specific review. Other solutions may only support Intel platforms or have some other limitations. Sandpiper understands our customers have a wide mix of vendors and our agnostic solution will better support your unique infrastructure & make-up.