Schedule & Size Move Bundles

Bundle Sizes & Schedules

Putting the pieces together.


Understand Move Bundle Sizes & Schedules

Since VAiLPLEX allows you to define each move ‘bundle’ by application, server type, workload, ports, protocols or other criteria, it is then also possible to manage that set of servers/workloads in many ways.

One important task our customers need to be able to perform is bundle scheduling and to visually represent ‘dependencies’ between groups/bundles. VAiLPLEX allows each move group/bundle to be ‘scheduled’ along with any pre-requisite or dependencies also defined and visually presented.

Transition Move Events & Schedules

Move events are also defined in VAiLPLEX. The name of the event and the expected duration is provided and can then be referenced and assigned to any move bundles that have been created.

Start and Stop Schedules can be defined in each Transition Event. Each schedule field allows a calendar pop-up to use for selection.

Notice in the figure to the right we have identified any bundles that are already assigned to any certain move event.


Transition Event Dependecies

If a Transition Event requires another workload set to complete prior to this workload being relocated, that dependency can be set here. It will be used to draw the dependency relationships in the Transition Event Gantt Chart, discussed below.

Transition Event Types

Transition Events are typically defined as ‘test’, or ‘prod’, etc. VAiLPLEX provides the ability to define Transition Events using the following values (and more can be added, if required):

  • Backout
  • Build-New
  • DEV
  • Pilot
  • POC
  • Pre-PROD
  • PROD
  • Rehearsal
  • Retire
  • TEST

Move Bundle Timeline/Schedule Gantt Chart

Once the move event schedule has been assigned to the bundle, the resulting timeline can be viewed in a standard gantt chart format. The view can be zoomed as required to see detail down to the hourly level.