January 24, 2017

No Need to Install Server ‘Agents’ or ‘Scripts’

No Agents

VAiLPLEX is completely non-intrusive to the server

Many other vendor solutions or products that claim to provide application, workload or component dependency mappings require ‘agents’ or ‘scripts’ to be installed on each server. For some production environments, this is unacceptable or may require extensive lead time to schedule, test and obtain change approvals.

VAiLPLEX will map any IP workload to another IP workload, either within your data center, the cloud, an external vendor or a customer IP on the internet, providing the installation method we describe to tap the physical and virtual network is enabled. We translate each IP address to a DNS name (or other data sources may be used, such as nslookup, Active Directory, LDAP, etc) so the visual created is meaningful to your organization.

Our non-agent approach means any workload on the network will be identified and classified. Workstations, IP Printers, IP Cameras, IP storage shares such as CIFs or NFS, or IP storage devices such as NAS, Centera, Celerra, Isilon, etc, will also be mapped. Even external workloads from third party vendor sites, cloud based workloads, or customer IP addresses from the web that may be accessing your site will be shown and identified.