Leverage VAiLPLEX

Other VAiLPLEX Use Cases

Putting VAiLPLEX to Work


More than just Transition Management

While we originally built VAiLPLEX to enhance our internal data center relocation services practice, many of Sandpiper’s customers have found it can be useful for addressing other daily management needs.

Once VAiLPLEX is installed and fully supporting an environment, our customers usually ask if they can keep using it once the migration or transition project is completed.

Examples of other use cases include, but are not limited to:

  • Understanding impact to workloads that will be affected if a server is scheduled for maintenance
  • Support ‘Dis-Entanglement’/Portability for workloads that need to be moved to new locations or have been sold
  • Do we have everything we need backed up/replicated for DR?
  • Helping answer: What are the benefits if we converted Mainframe, Solaris, HPUX, etc to Linux?
  • What would be required if we move this workload to the cloud?
  • What is causing this surge in our network traffic?