Installing VAiLPLEX


Installation & Setup

Virtual Appliance-Based Install

Sandpiper ships VAiLPLEX to you as a series of VMWare virtual machine OVF’s (or other formats, such as Hyper-V). These images are uploaded to ESX with a script to allow you to set information such as IP addresses, subnet, etc. Once these appliances are installed and on your network, Sandpiper will use remote access to complete any installation items that may be required.

Virtual Appliance Settings on Import

As can be seen in the diagram to the left, Sandpiper’s VMWare OVF import script allows you to set the IP and subnet info needed for each appliance. Once this appliance is on the network, Sandpiper’s VAiLPLEX support team will remote in and complete the installation.

Other techniques are used for other servers or for other hypervisors, such as Hyper-V.

Network Switch SPAN Ports/Netflow

Sandpiper will work with you to determine the best approach to collecting the IP source/target IP pair ‘conversations’ metadata information. On some switches, this may require the configuration of a physical SPAN port or to enable netflow to be sent to the VAiLPLEX IP collector appliances.

VAiLPLEX can also be configured to collect traffic metadata from VMWare vSwitches (standard or distributed), Hyper-V, Xen, Citrix, Cisco V1000 or openVswitch.

VAiLPLEX Appliance Storage

Sandpiper’s VAiLPLEX database server is shipped with minimal storage configured, however, based on your requirements for historical reporting, additional storage may need to be added to this database virtual machine at the time of installation. Sandpiper will work with you to determine the amount of storage that will be required to meet your needs. Typically, this storage is expected to be provided via the VMWare ESX datastore, but we can also accommodate iSCSI and other storage types as needed.

Full Enterprise Support

VAiLPLEX provides full support for all IT components, platforms, hardware & software. Issues specific to only Open Systems, iSeries or Mainframe platforms can be viewed either as part of the overall plan, or can be filtered for a more specific review. Other solutions may only support Intel platforms or have some other limitations. Sandpiper understands our customers have a wide mix of vendors and our agnostic solution will better support your unique infrastructure & make-up.

More information

For more information on the Sandpiper VAiLPLEX product, please contact us or download the Sandpiper VAiLPLEX Overview