IBM i (iSeries/AS400)

VAiLPLEX Support for IBM i

IBM i can host various workloads that are not easily assessed using traditional IP metadata

Traditional IBM i Monitoring & Assessment Tools

Traditional IBM i (iSeries/AS400) do not address workload inter-relationships, but rather focus on metrics such as:

  • CPU & Memory usage
  • Disk Usage
  • Network Usage
  • Activity Journaling
  • Performance & Health Status Monitors

IBM i Application Inter-Relationship Mapping

Sandpiper & VAiLPLEX easily addresses iSeries workloads & inter-relationships, such as:

  • IP & Socket Communications
  • Internal iSeries workloads
  • iSeries in/out to/from other platform workloads
  • Network chattiness, timings & latency
  • Provided through standard iSeries tools collection & Sandpiper proprietary tools
  • Automated Integration with VAiLPLEX is ongoing

IP & Socket Program communications

  • We can map program communication using TCP
  • We trace communications using IBM i standard commands
  • We collect Audit journals: programs + IP Address+ TCP Port to map applications with remote services

Non IP IBM i Workloads

How it works:

  • We collect data from your environment programs, data files and libraries
  • We create program cross reference (call tree)
  • We create program-database file cross reference
  • We can dig to field level
  • Some IBMi Scripting + SQL + Some Programming
  • Excel Pivot Tables to review data
  • Includes Batch Jobs & Threads
  • Logical Partitions

Relevant information

  • Programs calling programs
  • Programs using fields
  • Fields used on programs
  • Compiled programs and source member relation
  • Summarized objects per library

IBM i Workload Classification Criteria

  • You can choose classifications criteria
    • By Library name
    • By Starting program name
    • By Menu (development)