Customer identifies cause of network storm

Network Storm

This customer (confidential) was able to use the VAiLPLEX IP metadata traffic analysis filters to determine the cause of multiple network storms that continually brought their most critical application down resulting in an outage cost of $800,000.00 per hour of downtime. This outage occurred 6 times while the customer tried to utilize traditional network forensics and monitoring tools. Not until they consulted the VAiLPLEX repository were they able to determine the true cause of the storm and fully remediate the issue. It is not known how many more outages would have occurred if they had not used VAiLPLEX for this analysis.

While VAiLPLEX had been brought in to assist with a data center transition project, the customer refused to let VAiLPLEX be uninstalled at the project completion since they had seen the power of the tool for tasks like network forensics.

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