CMDB or DCIM? VAiLPLEX is both, and a whole lot more...


How can we provide CMDB or DCIM Metrics?

You may currently collect system metrics in a CMDB or DCIM tool.  These tools are usually intended to inventory equipment, servers and location of hardware on each data center floor.  Some tools attempt to provide some workload monitoring on a server, but usually do not take the extra steps needed to fully understand that Server A can be talking to Server B, and subsequently Server B has to talk to Server C to fully complete the transaction started back with Server A.  These ‘inter-relationships’ are extremely important when a transition plan is being developed.

An optional component of VAiLPLEX provides for programmatic discovery and inventory of your IT infrastructure. Anything with an IP address can be collected and used as part of your subsequent analysis, models or other planning requirements.

This information includes details on:

  • Server Name, IP address, Disk, Memory, OS
  • Physical versus Virtual
  • Categorization, such as Production, Test, QA
  • Installed Programs, Services, Users defined
  • Physical versus Virtual
  • Geographical location/site information
  • Purchase Information
  • Vendor and Customer contact information


The VAiLPLEX Metrics Collector Server provides active and passive discovery of your environment. This discovery requires information and credentials for items such as:

  • SNMP
  • SSH
  • WMI
  • vCenter
  • Hyper-V Server
  • Subnet
  • Active Directory

Status, Deltas & Alerts

The VAiLPLEX Metrics Collector provides information on overall status, alerting and deltas (changes) with regards to expected devices that are no longer seen on the network as well as changes in installed programs.

Installed Programs

The VAiLPLEX Metrics Collector will also inventory installed programs and will provide information regarding the ports and protocols used. This information is invaluable when the overall workload, application and lines-of-business mapping to server groups is to be visualized later in your project.