Batch Processing


Batch Processing


How do we make 'Screen Driven' even easier?

Make viewing VAiLPLEX visuals even easier by saving Bundle Definitions & Filters as well as receiving Batch Reports via email

The optional VAiLPLEX Batch Module provides the ability to provide visualization and modeling function via a server-based, scheduled ‘batch processing’ approach.

Offload workload to the DB server via the Batch process

Sandpiper understands that the power of VAiLPLEX is based on the inter-active nature of the ‘what-if scenarios’ that are possible for each analysis bundle, such as various source server names. The requirement to manually invoke and review the visuals for each of these models, though, may be a cumbersome process.

Save Filters for Later Use

To address this issue, Sandpiper now provides a full ‘batch’ process where filters and other bundle groups can be invoked at a set time and the results can be viewed in an easy manner at your leisure. Reports can also be sent directly to your email or mobile device. If any bundle requires further interactive analysis that can be performed on an as needed basis.


Schedule & get your results via Email

You can set a saved bundle to run automatically on a pre-defined schedule and the results of the report (the image as well as the CSV data behind the image) are sent to you via your email address.