VAiLPLEX adds Fibre Channel SAN Workload Analysis & Support

VAiLPLEX now supports SAN/Fibre Channel Workloads & Analysis

VAiLPLEX has always provided data transfer metrics & workload statistics for IP based storage subsystems, such as NetApp, Isilon, Centera, Cellera or individual File Servers that connect via IP, iSCSI or FCoE.

The addition of true fibre channel statistics and the analysis  of World-Wide Names rather than being limited to just IP addresses, ports and protocols adds a unique workload perspective that only VAiLPLEX can provide.  We allow workloads to be mapped by SAN fabric, SAN device, LUN or SAN-to-SAN replication.  Workloads like VMWare that use SAN API’s that can not be measured using traditional IP based analysis can now be seen through the VAiLPLEX SAN process.

VAiLPLEX provides fibre channel visualization & modeling for workloads & metrics such as :

  • Capacity Metrics
  • Pool Capacity Metrics
  • Volume Capacity Metrics
  • Performance Metrics (examples)
    • frontend I/O metrics
    • backend I/O metrics.
    • frontend storage system cache
    • backend storage system cache
    • frontend throughput
    • backend throughput
    • frontend response times
    • backend response times
    • Total IO rate (overall)
    • Read IO rate (overall)
    • Write IO rate (overall)
    • Overall response time
    • Read response time
    • Write response time.