VAiLPLEX Batch Process

Not just single servers, but ‘Transition Bundles’

Sandpiper Data, the most trusted provider of vendor-neutral IT services and solutions, announced today that it has released their innovative visualization and modeling function via a server-based, scheduled ‘batch processing’ approach in support of their industry-leading Data Center Transition Modeling & Visualization Solution, VAiLPLEX(tm).

Offload workload to the DB server via the Batch process
Sandpiper understands that the power of VAiLPLEX is based on the inter-active nature of the ‘what-if scenarios’ that are possible for each analysis bundle, such as various source server names. The requirement to manually invoke and review the visuals for each of these models, though, may be a cumbersome process.

To address this issue, Sandpiper now provides a full ‘batch’ process where filters and other bundle groups can be invoked at a set time and the results can be viewed in an easy manner at your leisure. If any bundle requires further interactive analysis that can be performed on an as needed basis.

For more information on the Sandpiper VAiLPLEX product, please contact us or download the Sandpiper VAiLPLEX Overview