Application Mapping

Not just single servers, but ‘Transition Bundles’

Sandpiper understands the difference between typical ‘Application Mapping & Discovery solutions’  versus what is really needed to support a complex data center transition project. Simply having a discovery process or tool that can inventory applications and map them to server names is clearly not enough. Especially if it is a one-time effort. Your environment is dynamic and ever-changing. You are bringing new workloads on continually, as well as refreshing or retiring older infrastructure. Your network generates billions of transactions per hour. Your business does not stop simply because a transition project is underway. How can any solution possibly keep up with this rate of data flow or infrastructure change and still provide you with the accurate information needed to quickly model transition groups, understand any network impacts and to truly control your overall project?

Sandpiper’s VAiLPLEX solution was designed and built from the ground up with these requirements in mind. No other tool or approach can programmatically decipher the volumes of meta-data your environment produces and cut to the core foundation of your application eco-system in the manner VAiLPLEX provides without a huge investment or the significant effort needed to deploy agents and other ‘prerequisites’.

A ‘proof-of-concept’ deployment of VAiLPLEX is typically up and running and producing quality information in about 2 days. Full deployment may take a few weeks depending on your environment, but then, once this is completed, you are assured of continually refreshed information that is truly the key to understanding, planning, modeling and executing the overall transition project.

Ask your current ‘Application Mapping’ vendor how they can process billions of network transactions per hour and include this in the ‘model’ or other information they provide you? Can their solution keep up with this amount of workload? Do they detect just server workloads, or all network components, such as workstations, storage interfaces, IP cameras, IP printers, citrix requirements and firewall/port configurations? Can they detect virtual network traffic?

For more information on the Sandpiper VAiLPLEX product, please contact us or download the Sandpiper VAiLPLEX Overview