Sandpiper Announces VAiLPLEX Transition ‘Seed Bundle’ Analysis

Not just single servers, but ‘Transition Bundles’

Sandpiper understands that not all workloads can be reviewed, assessed & modeled on an individual, per-server basis. The ability to ‘group’ or ‘bundle’ servers together as ‘seeds’ to create the initial analysis view is a powerful way to represent & validate more of an ‘application’ or ‘lines-of-business’ perspective. For example, a full application workload may span a web server, a database server, middleware & other components, not just one server.

 To accommodate this, VAiLPLEX provides for a seed bundle definition. This can include multiple server names or IP addresses, as shown in the diagrams on this page.

Full Interactive Analysis & Modeling

All features/functions available for single server analysis are also available from a ‘seed’ perspective. Right click on the seed ‘cloud’ icon to perform these tasks. You may also ‘ungroup’ and ‘regroup’ the view interactively to allow an expanded view of the transition bundle.

For more information on the Sandpiper VAiLPLEX product, please contact us or download the Sandpiper VAiLPLEX Overview